Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mini Transformable Flower Child

I hope this flower brings a smile to your face.
Okay, get ready and count to three.
Open the petals and what do you see.
This little flower has a surprise inside.
A little girl that stands with pride.

I am dreaming about springtime.
It is below freezing outside right now.
But the thought of sunshine and flowers can warm my heart.

This little flower has a surprise inside, when you open the petals.
The flower stem can stand alone…….
Or it can be used as a pencil topper or a finger puppet.
 It would be great for decorating the top of a present.
If you add wings and a halo…….
It could become a cute angel for the top of a small tree. 
Or just add wings for a tiny fairy that can fly out of the flower.

I designed this for my mother to give away,
at the clinic where she works.
Mystery Solved!
For all of the adventurous people that tried my “Mystery Transformable”, I hope it made you smile.
Here is a copy of my original pattern.

A quick note:  I did change Round 4 of the Arms to make them a bit better.
And now, I have added a Halo and a detachable Winged Vest.
My husband said, “Every angel should have detachable wings.”
Hope that 2014, is your best year ever!

Materials: WW Cotton
               (Red Heart or Sugar n Cream):
Various colors
Main Color = About 10 yds.
Contrasting Color = 2.5 yds.
               F / 3.75mm Hook
               Yarn needle to sew
                Small amount of Stuffing

Gauge is not critical. 
Size:   about 2.5” high / 3” wide (6.4 x7.6 cm)

Beg = Beginning
BLO = Back Loop Only
Ch(s) = Chain(s)
Dc = Double Crochet
Dc-Inc = 2 double crochets into one stitch
FLO = Front Loop Only
FO = Fasten Off
Hdc = Half Double Crochet
Lp(s) = Loop(s)
MR = Magic Ring
Rnd(s) = Round(s)
Sc = Single Crochet
Sc-Dec = Single crochet 2 sts together
Sc-Inc = 2 single crochets into one stitch
Sk = Skip
Ss = Slip Stitch
St(s) = Stitch(es)

US Terminology

Regarding copyright:
This is a free pattern for your personal use.
You are welcome to sell any items that you make.
But please, do not sell the pattern or reproduce the text without permission.

Pattern Notes:
Þ    You can change the type of yarn, but I would advise using a sturdy yarn so the flower and stem are a bit stiff.
Þ    Be sure to use a hook size smaller than the yarn recommendations, so the stitches will be tight and the stuffing will not show. 
Þ    I tried different eyes and facial features.  I finally decided to leave it elegantly faceless.
Þ    Work over the beginning yarn-ends to eliminate weaving in later. 
Þ    For the magic ring:  Be sure to pull and cinch the beg yarn-end very tight to completely close the center circle.  Worsted weight yarn is pretty strong so you can tug, and it usually won’t break.
Þ    Do not overstuff the head.  It will just need a little puff of stuffing.
Þ    When finished, fold the dolls arms together in front of her before flipping the skirt to make the flower.

Rnd 1: MR, Ch 2 (does not count as a dc now and throughout).
10 Dc in the ring.  Join with a ss to the first dc.  (10 dc)
            Pull and cinch beg yarn-end to completely close the center circle. 

Rnd 2: Ch 1, Sc in the joined st and each around. 
Join to the first sc.  (10 sc)

Rnd 3: Ch 1, Sc-Dec around.  Lightly stuff.  Join.  (5 sc)

Rnd 4: Ch 1, Sc-Inc in first st.
            Ss in next st.
Ch 6, sk 2 chs, Ss in the next 2 chs, sk next ch, Ss in last ch.
Then ss in the same st as last ss on Rnd 3.  (First arm done)

Sc-Inc in the next st of the head.

Ss in next st.
Ch 5, sk 2 chs, Ss in the last 3 chs.
Then ss in the same st as last ss on Rnd 3.  (Second arm done)

Sc-Inc in the last st of the head.  Join.  (6 sc + 2 arm segments)

Rnd 5: Ch 1, Sc in first 2 st.
            Mark the back loop of the first sc with a st marker. 
Move arms down toward the head, out of the way.
Sk the slip-stiches and the arm segment.
Sc in each of the 2 sts between the arms.
Sk the slip-stiches and the next arm segment.
Sc in the last 2 sts.   Join in the FLO of the first sc.  (6 sc)  

Rnd 6: Work this round in FLO
Ch 2, Dc-Inc around.  Join to the top of the first dc.  (12 flo-dc) 

Rnd 7: Ch 2, (Dc in 3, Dc-Inc) 3xs.  Join.  (15 dc) 

Rnd 8: Work this round in BLO
[Ch 1, (Hdc, Ch 1) 3xs in the next st, ss in next 2 sts] around. 
[Note: The last ss will be in the back loop of the joined ss from rnd 7.] 
Ch 1, FO and weave in. (5 petals)

Now, fold the arms together and invert Rows 6 through 8 by pushing the Head down inside the skirt.
You will be working on the free loops of rnd 5.
You may need to stretch the center hole a bit to see the 6 free loops from rnd 5 (See Photo).

Stem or Tube for Pencil or Pen: 
Rnd 1: Join stem color with a Ss in the Marked loop.
Ch 1, Sc in each free loop around.  Join.  (6)
Rnds 2-5: Ch 1, Sc around.  Join.   FO after rnd 5.  (6)

The stem can be made longer:
Just repeat the last row as many times as you wish.

The stem can also be wider for fatter pencils or fingers:
Just add one or more single crochet increases on Rnd 1.

With main flower color or a contrasting color if you prefer.
            Ch 10, Ss in the first ch to form a ring.
            Ch 9, Ss in the same first ch. 
FO and weave in.  (two arm holes)

With a contrasting color:    
Row 1: MR, Ch 1. 
6 Dc in the ring.  DO NOT JOIN.  (6 dc)
Leave beg yarn end free to sew to vest later.

Row 2: Ch 1 and turn.  Dc-Inc around.  (12 dc)

Row 3: Ch 1 and turn.  4 Dc in the first st, Dc in next, 2 Hdc in next,
Sc across the next 6 sts, 2 Hdc in next, Dc in next, and 4 Dc in last st.
Turn the work 90 degrees to edge the top of the rows.

Top Edge:   
            Ch 1, (working across the top rows) 2 Sc in each dc of the three row to the center point.
            Sc in the center point, and 2 Sc in each dc of the next three rows.
Join. FO and weave in.

            Pull beg yarn-end to close the center hole. 
            Use the yarn to sew the middle stitches of the vest to the top center of the semi-circle.
The Wing-Vest needs to be removed, when transforming the doll to a flower.

With a contrasting color:    
            Ch 18, Ss to the first ch to form a ring. 
Ss in each st around.  
FO and weave in. (18 ss)
Halo fits like a hat on the dolls head. 
It can be left on when folded into the flower for a highlighting accent.

When you open the petals,
I hope the little doll brings a smile to your face.

2014 P Perkins

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